Unique Identifier  :  91819239002
Product Name  :  HAI-NEEM
Batch Number  :  BA 126
Mfg.Date  :  18-08-2023
Exp.Date  :  17-08-2024
Manufactured by  :  Hindustan
Marketed by  :  Hindustan

Composition: Azadirachtin : 0.03% w/w
Neem Oil : 90.57% w/w
Hydroxyl EL : 5.00% w/w
Epichilorohydrin : 0.50% w/w
Aromex : 3.90% w/w
Total : 100.00 w/w

Usage : Recommendation Crop : Cotton, Pest : Aphid & Jassid. Shake well before use
Precautions Keep out of reach of children if swallowed or if symptoms of poisoning occur, call the physician immediately.Avoid skin contact and inhalartion.Wash hands with soap and plenty of water after handling. to avoid ingestion.Store in cool dry and well ventilated place away from food stuffs and animal feeds under lock and key.
Symptoms of Poisoning Symptoms may be a combination of headche, nausea, swallowed. Skin irration may be occur.
First Aid If skin is contaminated wash with soap and plenty of water. If swallowed call physician immediately
Antidote Treat symptomatically
Storage Keep out of reach of children, away from food and feed stuff. Store in cool, dry, clean place under lock and key
Disposal of Containers Do not re-use. Destroy and bury them. Take care to avoid environmental contamination
Recommended Crops Paddy, Cotton, Chillies & Vegetables
Dosage 2.5 ml for 1 litre of water
Net content 1000 ml